Tubeless Road Tire Setup with a Wheel-On Trainer?

Hey all,
I’ve been using TR with my road bike, clinchers, and a pre-2017 KICKR Snap (wheel on trainer). I was planning to switch to tubeless setup and so I was wondering if folks had any advice about using tubeless road tires with a wheel on trainer. Does it work ok? Do you run higher pressures on the trainer than on the road? Thanks in advance.

I use 25mm Pro Ones on my KK RM.

I’ll run 100psi on the trainer (just for consistency ride-to-ride and a little less muddy feeling), and they’re noticably quieter and smoother than the Zaffiros I replaced with the Ones.

When I take it outside, I just drop the psis to 85, and it’s all good. :+1:t2:

Thanks. I’m planning on using 23mm Pro Ones, so it’s good to hear those work well for you.

I only have one set of wheels (poor me), and and will be riding indoor and outdoor.
I currently use a turbo tubed tyre/tire. Has anyone tried running a tubeless setup on the their trainer?
My concern is that tubeless might explode, not sure if that’s right, as I ride in million degree weather and roads in Utah.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Sam!

I personally use a wheel-off trainer, but from what I’ve heard from our users, Tubeless road tires are not a problem on the trainer :slight_smile:

Here is a snippet from a user with first-hand experience:

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I have been using tubless tire on my Wahoo Kickr. Today my tubless tire got some sort of blisters which affects my training. Can I use Tackx blue trainer tire with tube in my tubless rim? Will that work?

Tubeless rims are compatible with non-tubeless clincher tires, so that will not be a problem :+1:.

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Thank you sir

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