Beginner Needs Help

I’m a beginner cyclist and have a very basic mountain bike. Does anyone know if the Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer supports basic mountain bikes or do I need to order any additional parts to allow use?

Depends on what axel type and width you have. If it’s QR then it’ll most likely fit without adaptors but without knowing for sure couldn’t be 100%.

You’ll also not want to use knobly tyres I’d think the vibration would be horrible.

Ok that’s a great point on the tyres. Thanks for your help.

I loved my Snap with all my bikes. Brilliant for bike-fitting to your size perfectly. I would simply change the tyre to a slick compatible with your wheel. Cheap to do. Then input the exact circumference into the app. The Snap takes 20” to 700c so I’m sure it’ll work out. Chances are you have a quick release to if it’s an older/cheaper bike.

Very good value for money machine.