Max HR Displayed under Personal Records (Feature Request)

It would be nice to have a way to search your MAX HR over all your workouts, over a period of time. Maybe have it displayed under your Career Personal Records per year or per defined season.

Hey Alex!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion!

As a company, we have moved away from analysis based around Heart Rate because we find that power is a more consistent and measurable metric day in and day out. HR is effected by many external factors such as fatigue, sleep, illness, glycogen level, hydration level, temperature, humidity, motivation, and caffiene levels. As a result, your heart rate zones can change dramatically from day to day

In some cases, we find that our athletes mentally limit themselves by placing a maximum on what their heart rate should be. I know that I can fall victim to this in some cases as well, and from a training perspective, we find it more effective to strive to meet your power targets in all cases, regardless of your heart rate.

For that reason, we do not plan to add maximum heart rate calculation tools since we want to keep a consistent company message regarding heart rate.

That being said, we really do appreciate your feedback. Many of our best ideas come straight from the community, so never hesitate to sumbit another feature request :+1:.

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Hi @Bryce,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile: The idea was more to have access to that data point than to have HR based training. I understand HR can be affected by many external factors, that’s why having the ability to collect that information over specific periods, seasons, would be something nice to have.

Thanks again :+1:t2: