Where can I see my max HR all time either on Strava or TR?


Thread title says it all: who can help? Thx!

Can’t quite answer your specific question … but if you’re a Garmin Connect user, you can go to Reports > All Activities (or Cycling) > Max Heart Rate:

For Strava, you might be able to get it from the Training Log but you need to be a subscriber (and I’m not)

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Thanks, unfortunately I am not Garmin connected.
Any of such functions available to me as a TR, Strava and Wahoo user?

If you use intervals.icu (linked to Strava) then the Totals page comes close - for a given period of time, it will tell you % of time in different HR zones, like this:

The pure HR view is an option you need to enable on the Totals page

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I actually would hesitate to push my data to just another plattform. But ok, will have a look.

Is there really no function considering the heartrate data on Strava or TR?

Correct, nothing exists in either platform for long term tracking of max HR. You only get the info in each activity.

We can turn this into a Feature Request if you’d Ike.


Even intervals.icu doesn’t show a max. It has my highest HR zone at 184-192 but I hit some high numbers in 2018 that it doesn’t reflect. I wish there was an easy way to get this number

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FWIW I started using TrainingPeaks before getting a Garmin. Both provide a lot of data. Since you have a Wahoo bike computer I’d suggest TrainingPeaks and a free trial of premium to get some data. TP Free is a better place (vs Strava) to store all your training data IMHO.


Heart rate tracking metrics would be cool. A tool that tracks hr trends in each zone over time, for instance, would be really neat.

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