Heart rate at different power zones (min & max)

Hi there!
I tried searching for an answer, but couldn’t find anything.
I’m wondering if there is a way to see a summary of your heart rate numbers at different power zones?
For example, I would like to see over the last 6 months what has been my minimum & maximum heart rate during sweet spot, threshold, and VO2 max intervals.
My goal is to have a better understanding of what is my maximum or max average heart rate during those zones. This is in order to have a better idea of when I’m truly tired and need to call it a day.
I would only be looking to compare indoor sessions, where I always have the same setup.

After several years of indoor training I have a good feeling of when I’m fatigue, but maybe if there is additional data (in this case heart rate) to back it up it could provide me with a better understanding.


You could have a look at www.intervals.icu it reports lots of charts wrt power v HR


Not currently, but more support for HR data is on our roadmap for the development team!


Thanks I’ll check that one out!

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Thanks @IvyAudrain for the response. Excited to see what the team is developing!

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