Mavic front hub maintenance

Hi all,

Mechanic wannabe here!

I’m slowly buying tools and stepping up my maintenance skills servicing my bike.

I tried to service my Mavic Aksium Disc front hub and I can’t figure out to get access to the bearings. Looked at YouTube and other sites but no luck -All hubs are different from mine.

Any ideas how I can open the hub? There is two little grooves in one of the side but I don’t think it’s for the mavic tool. I can’t see a place to insert any hex or wrench. Couldn’t even remove the QR end adapters!

Cheerios for any help!

Looks like you pop the QR end cap off, then that plastic cover on the RHS to reveal a circlip. Remove that and bang the axle out, I think it’ll bring the LHS bearing with it, then tap the RHS one out. Reverse to reassemble!

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Cheers @alexgold123.
I manage to remove the QR ends. But the plastic cap still a mystery to me. On the disc side I don’t have access to it as it sits inside the disc recess (probably comes out while banging on the shaft). The side I have access there is no space to insert anything and force it out and its hard plastic that doesn’t bend.

I’m probably being daft, Please un-daft me!

Can’t you just stick a small screwdriver in the slot and pop it out? I can’t really remember doing it, but fairly sure it doesn’t thread and just pops off