Mtb bike hub suddenly got quiet

Why is my hub got suddenly got quite
I used to hear my pawls cleary but now i cant hear them clearly

Time for a service.


Pull the freehub body off, wipe clean, check bearing/axle for roughness when turning, apply a large pat of grease to everything you can, replace. Wipe off excess grease.

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Just a warning, if you plan to actually clean and lubricate the pawls (or whatever ratchet system is in place), take care to use the appropriate type and amount of grease/lube. Using the wrong type or amount can lead to failure for the ratchet mechanism to engage properly. This can lead to very ugly crashes and falls when you try to apply power (or coast) and the system does not cooperate.

It does sound like this is worth a look, but make sure to do it right for your own safety.


And if you do take it apart to clean be very careful with the pawl springs. They are tiny and depending on the design (coil springs) can jump off the pawl/hub and are next to impossible to find once they go flying off in your shop.