Identifying and servicing hubs

I’m trying to get my bike race ready and want to service my hubs. Is this a reasonable DIY project. Does anyone recognize these hubs? They came on the bike and I can’t figure out what they are to service them. The rims are Enve. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Although a quick click here didnt get me far. They’re probably just a pawl/spring affair. I’d bet that the end caps are press fit

Why do you want to service them?

Anything wrong with them?

Best not to try anything for the first time right before a race. There’s not a whole lot you can do anyway on hub with rubber sealed bearings unless there’s something wrong and they actually need to be repaired.

Thanks for recognizing that logo. You definitely have me moving in the right direction. Thank you very much.

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Word of warning is that formula hubs in my experience require some extremely weird tool sizes, I think my old mtb wheel needed a 15mm Allan key.

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Fair point!!