Matching workouts to races

Hi all,

Is this something that people bother with? I feel like it’s hard to accurately match workouts to races, and the workouts that match races in terms of duration/IF/calories would put the workout levels too high to actually complete workouts in between races.

I’m talking about crit races, if anyone does this then what workouts do you find work the best for matching?


I don’t bother trying to match, especially with a crit. Unless you get in an early solo or very small break that stays away (which I’ve managed a sum total of one time in my crit racing career!) and manage to do some sustained threshold/over unders, your power profile really isn’t going to resemble any kind of workout.

I do tend to skip a VO2 or Anaerobic workout if I’ve done a crit that week though. On the basis that doing a crit in addition to my training plan is likely to be too much intensity across the week, and any training benefit I do get from a crit is most likely to be in those zones.

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Not worth the effort, especially since it’s more likely to mess up your Progression Levels than help. Not an exact match, but I covered a similar question just a bit ago:


Yeah that is pretty much exactly my thinking!