Matched Ride Credit

Probably a simple answer: TR doesn’t account for Matched Rides?

In this case, my rating for Tempo is just a 1.0, for now. But last Saturday I completed a ride IRL that was almost perfectly matched to a +10 Tempo (custom) TR workout. And no adaptations occurred. I assume that is normal for now? But if I did something wrong, let me know. Thx!


Hi @Pbase - yes that is what I did. The Matching worked fine. My question is: why didn’t TR Adapt to me nailing a +10 Tempo ride? I’m still at a 1.0.

MAYBE the issue is that I did the MATCH to that IRL ride a few days after the fact. If so, that might be a use-case TR can easily address - adapting to retroactive matches.

Sorry, I admit I didn’t look at your workout and see how huge it was! I did a quick search and found this. Bottom line, there are issues with scoring custom workouts correctly. I wonder what would happen if you associated it to the longest TR Tempo ride, Highland +3, instead?


I’ll try that. BTW I think in my case TR properly scored my Custom Workout as a +10 Tempo. That wasn’t my issue… In my case, once matched, TR didn’t credit me with having completed a 10. I’ll try the native TR workout rather than my custom one. THX!

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Also, don’t forget to do the post-ride survey.


I could do that. But almost every TR workout I do is a custom workout, so trying to find close TR workouts to associate them to would be a PIA. Plus, as I’m not following a TR plan, the incorrect PL is more of a curiosity then a real problem.