Marginal gains for pros - effective or mental

Watching the UEA tour (thanks GCN!) and noticed Deceuninck have their trackers down low, hugging the rear wheel with the number plate trimmed to a curve, this remains me of the tail of the tri legal shiv.
They were the only team I saw like this, makes me wonder if it would help and was tested prior or just a mental thing.


Are those trackers or cameras?
I can’t see the tracker on 102?

And given how fussy UCI are on sock length etc it seems strange that teams can show the number horizontally or vertically?

Definitely trackers. Not certain where it is on the Groupama rider, though.

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Trackers, numbers and live cams all look to be mounted in a multitude of places and orientations.

Seems either a missed trick for everyone else or entirely pointless!

Yep - seems to be the case - just looking at the Quickstep gallery below there are numerous placements within Quickstep themselves it would seem.

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That would imply mental then I guess, if it were tested then they’d all be set like that.

I wonder if the race numbers have to be displayed at a certain height?

And because riders are on different frames (?) that might mean they are at different places on the seatpost?

The numbers are all curved. I think it may be a holdout from rim brake days and the way the number fit just above the tire. The mounts were/are fitted onto the rear brake mech…I’m sure the bible stipulates where they can be mounted and if/how much they can be altered if at all.

I think they must be allowed (or possibly ignoring the rule) since the Ineos bike has a tiny number.

Might be that cameras alter the number placement. Lots of cameras on the bikes, check the Velon channel, which some of the teams are parts of.

“gains” aside, it could also be a feel based thing. A bike doesn’t feel as snappy with a weighted saddle bag (high CG).