Stealth bike tech of the year: Rule 28 aero base layer

That thing must be one of the biggest underground success stories of the year. I see a lot of rider in the peloton wearing it. I’m not sure if that means it really provides a meaningful benefit or if it’s just a case of riders thinking, what the heck? It’s not gonna hurt…

Aero Base Layer | Rule 28


Man that thing looks… odd… any info on how it works or potential gains?

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Shoot, I don’t own a skin suit. Guess I’ll have to pass on this, or paint some stripes down my base layer’s arms.

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Oh…huh. Last week it was $250, I think. Must be dollar strength! :smile: But yeah, I sorta expected you would be priced out of the market and just generally thought that thing would be a real ‘niche’ item among cycling apparel. Maybe something time trialists, serious ultra distrance, or possibly half/ironman triathletes would like.

I’m just saying I see a lot of riders in the pro peloton wearing them. Unless there is somebody else making trip line base layers. I guess the fact that it’s a base later works in Rule 28’s favor. No sponsor gets displaced.

You can also store Twizzlers up your sleeves with maybe 1 inch spacing.

But then you’ve got the classic hunger vs aero gains mental battle going on as you ride.


My gut reaction is that they won’t use it because of the swim. It would likely restrict shoulder movement / reach a bit or would get so bunched up that it would take too much time to straighten out in T1……and it would be challenging (and a time loss) to put on in T1

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Guess not for me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Or, and hear me out here, you could just spend only 50 bones and get 100% of an undershirt instead of just 25%. Bargain!

But…I am shopping twizzlers on amazon right now…

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Spend the rest on twizzlers … smart!

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Seeing a few use them. A fellow track friend who does some road events with ITT’s uses the Rule 28 specifically. He ultra geeky about everything aero (duh) but, a monster so it’s hard fro me to too critical. I’ve seen others use them for ITT’s. Have not seen them during road or criteriums. I was interested until I saw the price. Castelli has their version but, I can’t find any for sale to see price…

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Also, for those who think this is ridiculous for any reason yet have bought into the data that has been published about aero wheels, socks, helmets, etc…and their respective aero savings, and thus have purchased aero wheels, socks, helmets etc…why so critical about this? Specifically aero socks since legs and arms are cylinder shaped?

TBC I think the price is ridiculous but, I think the tech is worth it.

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I apologize if I sound critical. I just really like twizzlers, that’s all.

As Rule 28 explained to me, this undergarment makes every jersey you own an aero jersey. So the price tag is actually very reasonable. :smiley: That is a clever argument. Also, there are not many people in the cycling industry that know more about how air moves around a cyclinder with specific types of material at specific speeds than Rule 28. So if they say the garment is faster there is most likely solid data backing the claim.

I’m just surprised at how many of these things I see on the race replays. I was unaware that Castelli has a similar product…so maybe that’s what I’m seeing.


yeah it’s pricey, but given what goes into aero stuff would be worth it for a competitive individual. Heck, I recently bought rule28 socks to do to try for any marginal gains for an annual solo century ride I do. If this cost around $100 I’d def consider this base layer lol


Not directed at you or anyone. Just in general especially those reading thinking how stupid this is yet spend $2500 on wheels w/o hesitation…Sorry if it came off that way…

i’m looking for the castelli version but not finding it, any link to it?

For me it would be strictly cost based. Money no object - sure, why not. I’m not sure I’d call it the bike tech or the year though, but remains to be seen :slight_smile:

Are you accusing me of hyperbole?




Il need a helmet, so I might as well get an aero one while I am at it. I need wheels, so I might ad we’ll get aero ones while I am at it.

I don’t need a base layer, let alone an aero one.

And I say all of the above as a guy who is known as one of the biggest aero geeks in our area.


You think you don’t need a base layer :rofl: