I have done the Maratona dles Dolomites

138km, 4000 meters of ascent. 8 hours 17 minutes of total time. 526/653 in my AG (40-44). I am 42, 173cm, 68kg.

For the preparation I have followed Full distance triathlon base, Sustained power build and Century specialty. All in low volume and supplemented with runs, strength and outdoor rides. One month prior to MdD my training and nutrition was derailed by heavy business and leisure travel, late business dinners and alcohol. I did not feel peak fitness on the race day. My threshold power was above 240 and close to 250. That’s an increase from last year’s 225 watts.

I have planned race tactics with the help of Best Bike Split. I thought I could manage 200 watts on climbs. However, I have miscalculated. By the third hour the switch went off and I could only push 170-180 watts with frequent stops to keep my HR from redlining. In hindsight I did bite off too much, and the circumstances were not in my favor. By hour five I was cramping severely on both legs. When I crossed the finish line, I was limping badly just to get my finisher medal.

I have found Maratona to be a very motivating target. I figure, if next year I am able to climb at 200 watts, I would get close to my target time of 7 hours. Thus, my goals are: to lose up to 4kg of fat, gain ~20 watts FTP, have stronger core, and be better prepared for long races. On the latter, I have realized I did not do enough of long rides at race pace and above during the specialty phase. 4-hour Z2 rides just don’t cut it.

Thank you, Trainerroad for helping me improve my fitness. Your advice through training plans, forum and podcast has been very helpful in preparation for the Maratona dles Dolomites.


Nice one! Congratulations - I have this event on my bucket list!

Coming from experience with triathlon plans, I’d say you managed an IF above 0.7, which is more than fair for this duration. You could of course try to increase your sustained power workouts to bump up your IF, but also need to be reasonable with how much you can actually sustain over 7h. Aiming for an IF of 0.8 for this time is a hard ask, especially if you combine your training with running. You should probably focus in specialty on a cycling plan that has long workouts at your target IF, and remove the run part to allow for proper recovery.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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