Mapping bluetooth controller buttons to keys in windows 10

Hi Guys,

I have recently moved to a laptop with Windows 10 to run trainer road.

I have just seen something on amazon that has got me thinking, and I am fairly sure i wont have been the first to think about this :smiley:

So, is it possible to take one of these, and then map the keys to specific shortcut buttons within Windows 10? For example, middle button pause workout,+ and - to control manual resistance settings, etc.

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This would be pretty cool, my laptop sits a good four feet from my bike, and I have to get off, walk over to it, and manually pause it (in 2020 no less!!)

I would think it would be doable, but I’m not sure about the button mapping to the screen…

Larger item to fit, but I have used one of these for years (mounted on my aerobar extensions) and it works great. Full access to all controls in a small package.

This looks like a good fallback option.

I have actually found another possible option I am looking into. There is an App I have installed on my phone called “PC remote” that looks like it should be able to connect to the laptop via bluetooth.

You can then setup custom “controllers”, where you can map key combinations to them. It looks like it should work to do the job. The only minor flaw in the plan at the moment is that my phone doesn’t seem to want to connect to the laptop (facepalm).

I would like to get away from using my phone at all, as otherwise why bother moving off it for the actual training sofware in the first place. I will keep looking and let you know if I make any progress.

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When blackberry made the playbook, I purchased a 256bit bluetooth encrypted keyboard for a stupid price… around 6 inches wide


The Playbook is now used as an electric bedside clock, sat in the dock on low brightness, it’s perfect. The keyboard, I attached a Garmin phone adhesive pad, fits perfectly on the bike using the Garmin 1030 mount.

I guess I have the most secure wireless keyboard for my TR/Zwifting! No external people snooping to see what keys I’m pressing :wink:

…and I like getting my monies worth out of old expensive hardware!!


Yes, saw Chad post this in another thread and grabbed one. Works well.

I am intrigued by programming for a few key actions vs scrolling, layers of actions, etc so will follow this thread.

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Ok, so I went down a little bit of a different tack with this one. (I might revisit the original plan at some point, but this works without needing to purchase any additional hardware.

I have discovered an application that allows you to connect to your laptop and use your phone as a controller (either via bluetooth, or wifi it would appear).

It has the added benefit that you can create your own layouts and map them to specific key presses to send to the device.

This is the application, an you install this on your device (in my case an android phone) and then a server application on the laptop itself.

This has worked pretty much flawlessly for me once I set it up. If anyone is interested I will happily write up a more detailed explanation of how I achieved it.

Here is a screenshot of the screen that appears on your phone

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