Kommander as a Trainerroad remote?

I’ve just read the above article on DC Rainmaker, I like the sound of this little remote for trainerroad use - I think it would be a good addition to the mobile apps as changing intensity and toggling between ERG and resistance modes mid workouts can be a bit of a pain.

From what I understand the unit will work as it is on PC and Mac as you can manually assign keyboard commands but might need a bit of work from trainerroad to get it to work on the mobile apps?

What do people think?

I think it’d be great, was my first thought when I read the review.

Obviously the cost needs looking at…

I would love a way to be able to interact with TrainerRoad remotely with the TR iOS app specifically - change mode, swap workouts, extended warmups, cooldowns and intensity etc.

It seems there might be cheaper alternative ways of DIY’ing this in comments in the DC rainmaker thread using AutoHotKey for Zwift which with editing might work for those using TR on Windows using Bluetooth with a cheaper Bluetooth controller…