Am I doing powermatch right?

Hi Guys,

Need some help getting my head wrapped around this.

I use a Kickr 2017 and Assioma pedals. I have the TR app connected to the Kickr for smart trainer and the Assioma as a power meter, both by BT.

I have an Elemnt which is connected to my Assiomas with ANT.

I notice that if power match is off, and I have an interval of say, 170 watts, I get the resultant power reading always about 10-12 watts lower than 170. So, a couple of questions:

  1. Am I right in assuming that the assiomas are reading lower than the Kickr?
  2. If powermatch is on auto, and I get closer readings, am I correct in assuming that if I am doing 170 indoors, then that is the same as 170 outdoors with my assiomas?

If you turn power match off it will use the power directly from the Kickr and not the pedals. In your case if you see 170 from the Kickr and ~158-160 from the pedals then the pedals are reading that much lower than the kickr at that power. Worth noting that it isn’t likely a straight 10-12 watt difference and that if you were doing 340 watts the difference will be different (not necessarily more or less - just different).

When you enable powermatch the power numbers you see in TrainerRoad will be from the pedals. I’m not sure I fully understand your question - but essentially the power recorded by TrainerRoad with powermatch on is your pedal’s power reading, not the kickr

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FWIW there is typically a small wattage difference between the pedals via Bluetooth and ANT because Bluetooth is typically from only one pedal while ANT is a summation of both pedals. When I run powermatch with my P1 pedals, the Bluetooth is about 10 watts lowered on the TR screen compared to my Garmin, which is ANT. I hope that helps a bit

That’s changed now. BT runs data from both pedals one a single channel, after the latest FW update.

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FW update to the pedals or TrainerRoad?

A recent Assioma firmware update allowed the left pedal to send a combined L+R power over a single bluetooth connection. Ant+ still works with both pedals broadcasting individually.

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@deepakvrao, powermatch isn’t about matching your pedal power reading to the trainer power reading. Powermatch adjusts your trainer resistance to whatever it needs to be to give the desired power output as measured by the pedals. This is to try and provide consistency in power readings between indoor and outdoor rides, though in reality some (most?) people still see a discrepency.