Manscaped VS meridian for the legs?

Is anyone using either of these shavers for their legs? Fall has set in where I live and I have stopped shaving my legs so I have one less thing to do.
However, I am finding I may prefer shaved but just feeling lazy to add back in the shaving with razor and cream/gel in shower.
Wondering if either of these shavers do a good job on their own with no need to clean things up with a face shaver (Gillette style) afterwards as I would prefer not to have a short stubble look from just using the shaver if that is how leaves things.

Here you go. You’ll never look back. You’re welcome🤘


Wax… just wax those legs. Yeah, it hurts the first time – or first couple of times – but then you get over it and you only have to do it again every 4-6 weeks. Also, no stubble to do with.