Best electric razor?

i really struggled with razors. bumps no matter what i tried. switched to electric razors and no problems. but it seems to take me forever. is there a bad ass electric that i should know about to save me some time?

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I use, and love, the Phillips Norelco OneBlade. Shaved cleanly without irritation.


I bought this one based on a recommendation, but it’s extremely slow going. A razor is just so much faster.

I’m also curious if anyone’s tried waxing or using those hair removal creams? Pros and cons between the three (waxing, creams, razors?)

Razors - hate them. Hair grows back extremely quickly and dark. My legs look like a 5 o’clock shadow by the late afternoon if I shave in the morning.

Cream - expensive and was never terribly effective for me. And be careful for chemical burns if you leave it on too long. I found the hair grew back quicker than waxing, but more slowly than shaving.

Waxing - highly recommend, I’ve been waxing my legs for years. Usually lasts about 3 weeks. 1st week you can’t see anything, by the end of the 2nd week hair is slightly noticeable if you look closely, 3rd week it’s long enough to wax again (though I could at 2 weeks if I wasn’t lazy). Hair comes in much lighter and is much less noticeable.

Yes, I guess it’s painful and some people are more sensitive than others. It doesn’t bother me much, never has. If I’m super pressed for time, I can do knees to ankles in about 20 min.

I used to use pre-made wax strips, but now I use sugar wax. Super easy to get the hang of, and not messy (sugar wax is water soluble, so easily cleaned up if you do drip it somewhere).

You could also consider an epilator. I find this slightly more painful than waxing, but only because it’s slow going, however I only tried one once for about 30 seconds years ago. They might be better now.

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Good info, thanks! I was thinking I was gonna shave this year for my races… first time ever, but we did a work trade with my wife’s waxer, so I’m thinking we probably have a couple years of free waxing, haha. Why let her have all the fun, huh? :rofl::rofl:

Only a full time athlete would ever call waxing “fun”. :smile:


well, I haven’t tried it yet, so that’s TBD for me.

I’ve tried a variety of razors over the years. While a proper razor takes a bit more work, and the shave is by far the best, I find that the hairs are cut in a way that leaves the ends sharper. My wife finds my legs far more sandpaper-ish 1-2 days after I use a regular razor. With an electric razor, the hair is cut differently and after 1-2 days it’s not as harsh, feeling a bit more soft.

My electric razor of choice is hard to find, but it is a fantastic razor: it’s a Panasonic ER-GK60. The sideways trimmer and ergonomics are awesome. And it can be used in the shower too. Great shaver - highly recommended.

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I love Braun electric foil razor. You can buy the latest version for 2019 Braun Series 9 9290cc or the old version since 2015 Braun Series 7 790cc. If you need more infomation, you can read this great article:


The Norelco One Blade…hands down. The best!


Last night at a friends BD party I was getting roasted over my legs, LOL. Several asked why I got rid of the hair when I was training or competing… It was pretty simple fix and perfect timing,

Big hairy ass dog runs up and I point at it and say, Do you think he be cooler without all that hair, Hell I dont want to compete with a fur coat on. Hilarity ensued…everyone has different reasons.

Waxing works great but is costly! Wax sticks to live skin cells and your only supposed to go over a area once with wax, hairy, better be tough.

Save money and let your wife or significant other have some laughs. Make your own Sugar wax simple to make and works great. 1 cup sugar / Quarter cup lemon juice / Quarter Cup of Water, boil in a pan till it condenses down to a maple syrup brown and pour into a container to cool. You will want it thick… It lasts up to a few weeks and all natural and dont stick to live skin cells…

Nice tip… Spread onto a area against the grain of the hair, when you pull off go against the grain of the hair…

I use Remington. I like its design, cuts through the contours, cordless and very light. I used to have Panasonic but I think Remington is better for me. Check this might help -


Okay, I’ll admit as much as I want a beard I have to be clean shaven for my job. I find shaving in the shower easier than even using an electric razor.

here are some top picks in electric shavers

I much prefer the epilator. Hurts the first time, then you just get used to it. Seems to last longer than shaving, and the hairs aren’t nearly as coarse when growing back.

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Shave like a Man back in the day… and discover that you will have no bumps as you have been lied too about New Shaving… aka Marketing! :wink:


Get a double edge safety razor, you’ll never look back at cartridges or electric junk!


According to your recommendation, I bought it, I have been using it for several months and I am very satisfied. :facepunch:

Now I no longer have any skin irritations that I always had when shaving wet