4iiii Precision battery cover issue

A mile into a night ride and the power data froze on my Bolt. It was too cold/dark to explore the issue so I finished the 140k ride without power showing.
When I arrived and got into the warm I saw the battery cover was missing. I’ve always been careful to make sure it was fully engaged when replacing the battery so no idea why this should happen.
Anyway, I’ve ordered a couple of replacements but there is a 4-week delivery date! I chose the free postage not realising it would take that long and I wasn’t going to pay £25 postage for a £15 item.
This has made me nervous for the future. If this is an ongoing problem it could really screw up some important rides. Any idea if putting tape or a rubber band around the crank & pod would affect the data readings?

Touch wood it has never happened to me with my 4iiii but my old Avio PowerSence was prone to water ingress (the newer Avio is supposed to be better) so I would use an old inner tube over it and the crank.