"Make a Wish" / TR Website (TrainerRoad Feature Request)

Hey @Nate_Pearson, you should incorporate a “make a wish” button at the bottom of the page for users to submit ideas and features while on the actual calendar/analytics pages on the TR website. I happen to know this is a very successful way to solicit user feedback.

Use the “TrainerRoad Software” category and the “Feature Request” tag.

And you can include “Feature Request” in the title.

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Thanks. I see. Their devs would get a lot more feedback if it was done on the calendar page rather than having to create a post or raise a case.

@mcneese.chad can you make this a sticky? Perhaps change title to something w feature request in it

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I updated this title for now. I might start a specific post for documenting the process.

It’s all new right now, so I don’t know how Nat and Chelsea would like this handled long term. We will figure something out thought.