Improvements to the trainerroad platform?


How do we submit user stories to improve the platform? Whereas the platform is great, I think there are some ways to help improve it form the eyes of a user.

Who knows how to submit these ideas/ share user stories?


Typically, posting a thread in the “TrainerRoad Software” category (as you did), adding the “feature-request” tag, and I also like including “Feature Request” in the thread title are accepted methods these days.

  • TR reps watch these threads in particular, and the Community Manager (currently Ivy) will reply noting that they have logged it in their system.

Be sure to search and see if your idea(s) have already been suggested, because many “new” ideas are already mentioned. Here is a search result with “TrainerRoad Software” category and “feature-request” tag as the search values, for reference:

You can take that search and add some key words to get a very filtered list that may address your interest. This example adds “calendar” to the search to get a more narrowed list:

PS, I added the “feature-request” tag to your thread, since it is related, and to show how it looks when set this way.


Thank you Chad, still new here and learning this forum guidelines/rules.

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Welcome. There’s no written guide on making Feature Requests, but maybe I should write one? My post above is the closest thing to one at the moment.

We do have a some FAQ threads that are available for reference, with more to write: