Maintaining volume from base to build

First, the background.

I’ve been following Sweet Spot Base High Volume II for the past 6 weeks while supplementing the weekends with additional outdoor rides. I am currently in week 6 of this plan and am carrying a 6 week TSS average of 707. This is roughly 75 higher than the actual plan volume for those 6 weeks of 631.

As I get started with General Build High Volume next week I will be seeing a fairly significant drop in total TSS (GBHV averages 558 over the entire 8 weeks) of around 160 TSS/week. This would usually be a less significant drop but since I’ve been doing more than SSBHV it is a fairly noticeable drop for me.


I’m currently thinking about adding some additional TSS into GBHV if (and it is a big if) I am able to consistently hit the hard intervals three days a week.

My question for the group is - am I better off adding simple TSS fillers (extending Pettit into Brasstown for example) or looking at moving to longer versions of the harder workouts and doing an extra set of over/unders every Saturday?

I’m prone to be more cautious and add the TSS in the easier places, but am curious if anyone has had a similar experience

Not necessarily related, but could be worth a look.

As to choosing how to add volume, either approach can work. It depends a bit on how you can respond best to either option. Greater intensity and longer version of the “hard” workouts works well, as long as you respond positively and absorb the stress. Longer and lower intensity in the “fillers” is likely a safer bet, and still worth considering.


Thanks for the links.

To be clear I know and expect the normal TSS drop - I just think it’s a little larger for me because I’ve been supplementing high volume. Just want to get down to the same approximate TSS drop based on my recent volume

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I’d be inclined to lean towards TSS fillers to begin partly to gauge the changing demand from Base to Build for a few weeks but also so as not to bite off more than you can chew.

If you feel you are still able to recover adequately and aren’t diminishing the quality of other workouts then using +variants too could work.

Though to add a comparable level of TSS from either approach doing a +3, +4, +5 might not even dent it (depending on the workout) and require a longer recovery period in comparison to an easy Baxter or Perkins.

Best of both? do both & play by ear? :thinking:

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Another way I am planning on doing it is with how my old coach use to increase my time on bike, we threw in almost recovery level time at the end of a workout. Below endurance, say like 60% ftp and add on 30 - 120 mins if you’re really looking to build out time.

Not sure how much this will link up with your goals but it was an excellent way to rack up time on the bike and a great way to clear your legs. It also really helps to keep you lean dropping another 300+cals a few workouts a week. (not used for weightless but for maintenance)

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PS: Cudos for your massive FTP. Well done I am sure that Cat 1 will be yours very soon.

Thanks for the replies all - think I’ll stick to adding some TSS filler rides as my capabilities allow. Will only add hard intervals on a Saturday once I’m done the normal work and only if I’m feeling particularly fresh (seems unlikely)

Is that 800?!!? :dizzy_face:

Haha no - that’s the TSS axis you see there, not the FTP axis

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Oh yeah! (Idiot :flushed: )

Hey there- how is your plan going? I am on a similar trajectory now. Curious what you ended up doing to supplement TSS during build.


I’m partway through week 6 of general build high volume and this is what my 6 week average looks like


I ended up deciding to mostly stick to the plan. I was pretty worn down from my peak 6 week average of 707 and am feeling a bit better running around 575-625 as I am now. I’ve been adding in a spare Taku here and there in the plans - but mostly after a test and again after the Saturday workout as those are the only times I am really feeling confident that I can add it without impacting my ability to complete the next hard workout