Magene P325 CS Power Meter - Crowd Funding

Since the CF process is working out so well for the likes of IQ^2, why not add another to the mix? :stuck_out_tongue:

Currency conversion as of Nov 04, 2020:

  • $1387 HKD > $179 USD = Single-Sided, Flash Price

  • $1542 HKD > $199 USD = Single-Sided

  • $2162 HKD > $279 USD = Dual-Sided, Flash Price

  • $2317 HKD > $299 USD = Dual-Sided

Maybe related:


say shipping in 12/2020

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What if it’s the IQ2 people decided to form another company to raise more funds for the original backers #aerotyne


I dont get it…

Their timeline… say launching in 2 months.
WHY do a kick start SO late in production…
they could go directly to retail and ask for more money…
smells SUPER fishy!

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They are an established maker, even if not widely known outside of Asia. We’ve seen other known makers use KS and such to launch new products. They have used the funding to cover new tooling (molds and such) or large base orders to kick off production. Not sure the need here, since it seems the design and materials seem well developed (though I could be getting bamboozled)?

I am curious of their crank spindle size (24mm Shim vs 30mm vs 29.999999 DUBBBBB)?

ETA: “The power meter applies to BB86 and it is also compatible with most of the frames you can find in the market.”

And looks like long femurs need not apply since max is 172.5mm.

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Cool, that confirms what I found via some other research. Thanks :smiley:

Shimano offerings are available on Aliexpress. The new crankset is a nice touch and ~$250 less than Ultegra set. Looks like a ZRACE crank but the bolt pattern is new.

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This is just a money grab.

Magene are already selling many different products. Bike computers, power meters, heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, smart trainers, stationary cycles…they have a fairly mature product portfolio.

On the other hand…low(er) risk…great price…probably not a bad deal just gotta eat the opportunity cost.

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I’d rather spend $300 on a Stages,4iiii or $700 on the cheapest Power2Max and get a supported product rather than send money to a kickstarter campaign and then pray I get a power meter that works.

They can’t even drill the pedal hole straight:


If you buy via a crowdfunding site you have no warranty or normal rights of return as legally, apparantly, you are only receiving a reward for funding the company. I found this out after I had a problem with my Zwatt PM. I was fortunate in that they agreed to take mine back and recalibrate it. When the battery cover broke they didn’t want to know.

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These appear to already exist, see youtube video Ronald Kuba


Looks like Magene have sent this crank out to a few people to drum up hype.

One arrived here a few weeks ago. I always request 172.5mm. They sent a 170mm.

When I installed the crank the Assoima pedal platforms were angled at -1° at 6 o’clock, +1° at 12, and 0° at 9 and 3. I didn’t think that was right. The crank came straight off the bike. Magene seem to be ok with this. For reference the same measurements on Rotor ALDHU and Shimano cranks results in 0° all around the 360.

Maybe this is a once-off…? I was too pissed off at having wasted my time to follow this up any further. I’ll loop back to this if there’s enough interest. Seeing they’ve Kickstarted this makes me feel uneasy… for them.


I did see your photo on fb and it definitely doesn’t look good. Have to say I’m surprised.

I’ve been using the P32 Magene Ridge single sided for approx. 18 months and it has been solid. Picked up for $400 AUD, it was a great value for money choice. I think currency exchange rates have made them more expensive since though.


Sometimes you get what you pay for…
(or in case of other PM you dont get anything at all after you pay)


Yeah, that vid shows anything but good results.

It was really good in steady-state ERG and general riding. Better than a LOT of other meters I’ve had recently. Where it didn’t work well is a problem… those sprints… and rando cadence issues.

Thankfully my video didn’t result in a take-down request… in fact they’ve linked my video on their Kickstarter page! That’s the opposite to what I expected.


I see that as a good sign.
They seem to be willing to work through their issues and fix whatever need to be fix. The fact that its on the kickstart page and haven’t been taken out is a sign of an attempt of transparency.
The video shows a potential for the PM. Maybe a software tweak will get the job done!

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