Magene Gravat T300 ERG mode issue

Excuse me , In this reviews (4.57 min) , He show trainerroad can’t control magene gravat T300 in ERG mode.

Now, This issue has fixed ?

@GPLama said it might be fixed in the beta version. Have you tried it?

The Magene T300 is supported for ERG mode on our Desktop apps, and on beta mobile apps. :sunglasses:


Hi. I’m using a Magene T300 trainer, too, and TrainerRoad on my phone. Do I need to downgrade fthe TrainerRoad app to beta to get it to work?
If so, how do I downgrade to beta?

Hmm… Please reach out to the team at Device troubleshooting and dropout mitigation can vary greatly depending upon your device versions, firmware, specific settings, etc. We aren’t able to support older versions of the app anymore, but check in with the team and they’ll be able to take a closer look and sort you out. Sorry for the trouble!


Hello @IvyAudrain , I’m using Magene T200 smart trainer and it seems I can’t calibrate it via TR app. Is there any solution?

Sorry for the trouble! The aforementioned advice still applies, support team knows best and can help.

it seems issue still persists. recently got a T300. ERG mode still not working in TR.

You’ll definitely want to check in with Sorry for the trouble, they’ll be happy to help.

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