Madone SLR seatpost / ISOspeed HELP

I may or may not have a deposit on a Emonda SL6 Pro Disc w/ Ultegra mechanical Cannot confirm or deny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After the Roubaix photos of Chloe Hosking’s new Domane it will be interesting to see what happens with Madone/Domane’s top tube ISOspeed. On that bike it appears they removed the adjustment - not clear if that would help with the bolt issue or was done to reduce weight.

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I came across this review yesterday:

This bit is interesting:

I don’t know, mine was produced a few months before May 2021 so the story given by Trek to the reviewer doesn’t seem to add up.

It would make more sense if that erroneous “for” was meant to be read as “before” rather than “from”.

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Yes! You’re right, I missed it completely. Makes way more sense now.

Thanks for this. Good to know and get confirmation of the known issue. Still no timeline for a replacement frame and seems like they have no idea. Although the Trek warranty is good, starting to regret going with the Madone now.