Madone frame vs complete bike

Daydreaming and thinking about buying a Madone frame and using upgraded components from Domane (still have the original parts for Domane).

What I have for Madone:

  • Ultegra 8000 crank
  • Shimano pedals
  • Ultegra 8000 front and rear derailleurs
  • chain
  • BB90 bearing kit (new)
  • Enve wheels with rotors

And major items to acquire:

  • ST-R8020 Shifters and BR-R8020 flat mount brake calipers
  • Trek seat mast
  • cockpit

Quick first cut is $800 for first two items. Not sure what to do on the cockpit. Suggestions?

Then finally some minor stuff:

  • DT-Swiss hub thingy to convert from 100x15 to 100x12
  • cables?
  • bar tape

Looking for cockpit suggestions, wanting to price this out before I start seriously considering this path…

The Enve aero cockpit is pricey but looked slick on Ronald Kuba’s Madone (Youtube).


What’s wrong with the bar that comes with the madone?
I bought the frame set 3 years ago. Added everything else. Would do it again.

Love to be wrong, I don’t think the 2020 frame comes with handlebar/stem:

It’s not officially out, but there is a new Emonda, more aero version, set for release in the near future. Might be worth a look, unless you are set on the full-on aero package and Isospeed of the Madone. The new Emonda might be a nice blend of aero, classic frame design, and likely much lighter than the Madone.

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Madone? How about a sweet 2018 Giant Defy? $800 off what I paid for it and I’ll throw in the part needed for you to complete :rofl:

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When I bought my madone frame, cockpit and seat post were included as options in project1 builds (I don’t think it was even an option not to get a seat post). I could pick width and reach on the bars and there were 2 options for setback on the seat post. These options could only be seen on the dealers website for ordering, not on the public website at the time. I remember doing a lot of math on fit with the bar reach because a new bar was $600 back then. That becomes a really expensive “stem change” if you don’t get the reach right.

I’ve got the prior version of the madone with rim brakes. The integrated cockpit on my bike is really well designed with all the cables/wires hidden. The cockpit on the current disc version looks very similar. I can’t imagine buying an aero bike like this and not going with the Trek cockpit. I’ve seen people riding the newer madone with just regular stem and bars and it seems like you are losing a lot of the reason for buying an aero bike and the cables are a mess. Maybe there are other non-trek aero cockpits out there that still allow for hidden cables, I don’t know.

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Dude, I’ll make you a sweet deal on a 2015 Domane :rofl:

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I bought a Madone a couple years ago and it did not come with handlebars. Those (integrated bar/stem) were $600 extra (!). And the seat mast was $200 extra (!).

That statement adds nothing to the conversation, but now everyone knows I’m one of those fools who was parted with his money.

Ultimately didn’t love the bike and sold it. :man_facepalming:

thats the theory, >90% of my riding is on windy flats or rollers. Really like the Domane and isospeed for all the rough roads around these parts.

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You were wrong not to love that bike…

Seriously though - curious what you didn’t like about it.

If the frame does not come with a cockpit, the Vision Metron 5D cockpit is a definitely worth a peek. Very stiff and aero…a choice among a lot of pros (when they have a choice).

Aesthetically, your best choice will always be a trek cockpit, but that is gonna be pretty pricey.

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trek cockpit is MIA on the website, texted my dudes at LBS but they are slammed with business and been working late. The manager has a Madone (54cm) and the young stud bought the 2019 frame for rim brakes and he just finished building it. These guys are dangerous to be around, and then last night I saw another local fast dude on his aero canyon. Its like an arms race for speed around here…


When you do get in touch with your LBS, have them check the price for project 1 vs. the standard frame. When I bought mine, it was actually cheaper to buy the frame with bars as project1 vs. the standard frame and adding the bars separately (as long as you went with one of the lower end paint options). It was also the only way to get the non-standard seat post setback at the time, but it sounds like they solved that issue by making you buy it separately now.

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I’ll ask, the project1 website only lets me build out an SLR6 and then increase the price with custom paint job, better wheels, etc., etc. They have been truly awesome to work with, since pandemic hit its appointment only and they have me come in the back door without appointment. And my 3 year maintenance deal expired 18 months ago and they still do simple service work for free. I literally have to argue with them to take my money. Great guys, I’m lucky to have such an excellent shop just 3 miles from home.

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It was the previous version, which was H2. Too high in the front for me. Also, the lack of adjustability and the shape of the handlebars put me off once I actually had to live with it for a few months. Plus I was scared to death to race it because the bars were $600 (maybe I’ve mentioned this?).

I think Trek have pretty much solved all three of those issues with the new version and it looks pretty awesome.

My Madone sure did look the business, though.


The dealer ordering website has project1 options (like frame only) that the public website doesn’t. At least it did when I ordered mine.

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my only complaint about the LBS is they are always ordering 52 and 54cm bikes for themselves and I don’t get to buy their hand-me downs :rofl: The kid barely fits on the 54cm, I’m an inch taller and an inch longer inseam. If I go down this path am going to checkout the 56cm Madone, my Domane is 58 and fits perfect but its H2 geo and not 1.5 like the Madone.

Definitely talk to the LBS.
when I bought mine, the LBS even did a fit for me to get the right stem and bar width. Then after the bike was there, they did the fit again to make sure everything was to my liking.

Yes it’s 600$ but if you’re buying a $5k+ frame, not sure if the bar should have a sticker shock.

Madone has a cockpit trek doesnt sell on its own, its very nice in my opinion.

I would love to try a madone and compare to my propel