Trek Madone Gen 8 (2025)

Edit: Deleted original video


Yep the TREK University site is really not secure, anyone could make a “pretend you work at a bike shop” account and watch the whole vid, looks like someone just posted it to YT. The bike is pretty underwhelming IMO


I feel like that has been the case with the all of the “all in one race bikes” we have been seeing the last several years:

Tarmac SL8
Supersix Evo

I have no doubt they are great to ride but aesthetically they don’t do much for me.

I like “opinionated” frames. Aero or extremely light.


This is where the “fun” part of building & experiencing bikes lives.


Such an upgrade on both bikes, the madone is heavy and fugly and the emonda just doesn’t feel quick.

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I think the Gen7 Madone looks pretty sweet :man_shrugging:


Agree. One of the better looking bikes out there. The Tarmac SL8 on the other hand is gag worthy. So ugly.

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I don’t think it’s even close, the Gen 7 is the winner….then again I would say that about my bike :joy: I do welcome the weight drop and UDH but not at the expense of everything else.

Gen 8 in lower spec looks really REALLY underwhelming

Even with some deeper wheels it’s just not really doing much for me

That flat black seat mast looks really budget. They’re trying to match a really plasticy looking upper post. I think they’re trying to match the cheap looking plastic internal cable spacers. The solution should be to get a better finish on their headset/spacers, not make everything else look like dusty used car dash.


The paint jobs on the SLR’s are top notch!

I agree that the Gen 7 Madone is better looking, probably a good time to get a great deal on one? They also have that Trek “pre-owned” store… When I looked most of the bikes looked like showroom models or lightly used demo bikes.

If you can even find one, website shows most models/colors/sizes out of stock and TREK stopped producing the Gen 7 a few weeks ago. With the seemingly popular design and a short lived 2 year production I think the Gen 7 will be desirable for a while. Gen 8 makes sense for a current Emonda owner, IMO

Just got to look at a Gen 8 up close for the 2nd time…

-SLR one piece bar tops are way more round than the Gen 7. The stem looks and feels thicker where the computer mount would fit. The mechanic told me the Gen 8 and 7 one piece bars are not compatible. Asked how so? He wasn’t sure. Different SKU IIRC so not sure what’s up. It’s def a dif shape…
-SLR comes with bottles and cages. SL does not. If you want to buy them separate, one cage and one bottle will run you about $100 USD! It’s obvious the bottles fit together to try and make one large fairing in the bottom of the triangle. If this is how they gained the aero I say horse pucky.
-Seat post is considerably smaller.
-Iso flow is smaller.
-Frame set is about $2000 more than the gen 7 was. So $6000-ish USD? Ouch.


How else are they supposed to make up for having fewer SKU’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, SMH at Trek’s direction these days.


Much of the bike industry appears to still be using “covid math” to determine pricing and margins. I think stupid retail prices and inevitable discounts is the new normal. It’s not a dumb approach, you still get some full retail sales from the early adopters who will pay whatever, but eventually discount and people feel like they are getting a deal at a more reasonable market price. And depending on supply/demand, you can usually find a LBS that will work with you even on the hot new items.


I would have thought reducing the available stock colour options would have been a good way to reduce SKU’s. Specially since they have the Project One option

I think that color selection will be on the chopping block. Haven’t done a look at the incoming options at the shop, but that seems very likely. We really don’t need 3 color options for every step of Marlin (that has been the norm for WAY too long).


Just regurgitating what I learned. I assume Trek knows what they are doing regarding pricing/market. Obviously, writing “ouch” I feel it’s on the high end for a frame set but, I don’t know the bike biz. On the flip side IIRC the 105 Mechanical SL version was around $3600. Don’t quote me on that but, it’s ball park. That seems pretty decent deal to me.

Assuming that is a Trek shop I am surprised they are putting the new frame out on display before the official announcement.

I love my emonda so I welcome this convergence

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