New Trek Madone (2023, Gen 7)

A new Trek Madone has been spotted, with entirely new frame design.
Apparently the bike is a little more slender in general, and got rid of the decoupler at the seatpost for this new … thing:

general shape looks a little like a Cervelo S5 to me:


getting into e-bike bottom bracket territory. not even gonna comment on the hole lol

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It’s not pretty

IsoFlow sounds better than IsoHole? :man_shrugging:


I like it. I thought the old Madone was ugly.


Inside looks like a 5-sided pentagon. If it was 6-sided I’d call it a ‘Flexagon’ :wink:

Sure is interesting and I am excited to learn more about it. My gut says the aim was weight reduction and simplicity vs the current gen.

I need to see one in person; every one of these photos is taken from a goofy angle and it’s hard to tell what it’s going to look like.

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Oh, it is a mini-Softride. So cute!



Pretty much identical :joy:


Perfect spot to put a flat kit - hopefully they’ll put some mounting holes inside on non racing versions. Calamity Cavity ™


Cyclingtips article with more photos

Velonews article

Off topic, but the cross-pollination / loss of identity continues at Outside….yesterday CT had VN editors’ article on Unbound on their site and now VN has Ronan’s article on the new Madone.

Might as well just merge the sites now, because that is likely the inevitable result….


Agree. It’s the problem with one company owning multiple “magazines” that cover the same space, and looking to cut costs / find synergies. Eventually the difference between the “magazines” / separate identities goes away.

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A better photo of the IsoFlex IsoFlow branding from Instagram


Looks like a Star Trek ship


I think the top tube IsoSpeed needed to be replaced, so this looks interesting. Although as a bigger rider the seat hanging out on a limb is a little unnerving! Will be interesting to hear the 1 hour speed increase! Tour de France launch?

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Definitely….”soft” debut at Dauphine with the full product launch at Le Tour. Pretty standard these days.


Ya. I’m waiting for the new Specialized tires to launch. Returned my Turbo Cottons and backup Conti 5000.

Looks-wise, it doesn’t do it for me. Tech-wise, I am not sure if that is the best solution to engineer compliance into a frame.

I reckon building frames with IsoSpeed decouplers made them quite a bit heavier than the competition. I tried a Domane SL6 disc (2016? 2017?) a while back, and I didn’t like how the IsoSpeed decoupler made the bike feel. Despite deep carbon wheels, it felt wallow-y with no real connection to the road. Although some people really like it from what I hear.