Mac App: Something went wrong, an error occurred, go back

I’m having problems with the MacOS app. When I open the app I get the error message:

“Something went wrong, an error occurred, go back”

It look like this:

Things I have tried:

  • clicking go back - nothing happened
  • restarting the app - sometimes it starts updating in the background, but when it get to the end it goes back to this screen
  • restarting my MacBook - no impact
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the app - no impact
  • Starting the app with wifi off as per this thread Something went wrong error - #2 by enduranceporter

My details:

  • Platform: Macbook Pro, Intel, Big Sur 11.6
  • Version: 2021.43.150
  • Devices: Assomia power meter
  • Connection: ANT+ dongle
  • Mode: Standard

Any help much appreciated

It’s best to email for issues like this.


chad has it right. :slight_smile:

but, uninstall, and then delete


Do the same in

~/Library/Application Support/TrainerRoad
“~/Library/Application Support/TrainerRoad (Beta)”