LV/custom plan + manually adding commute as workouts

I’ve got a LV/custom training plan in on TR ‘plan builder’ as doing some TTs, CX and Crit races this year and even a MTB race or 2.

Anyway, I commute 8-10 miles each way, 80-100% of the time so I’ve added in my commutes ahead of time with their TSS (21ish each way FWIW)

Will the plan adapt now it sees these additional workouts and therefore I can just go ahead and follow the suggested workouts? Or should I adjust the prescribed ones manually? At the minute I’ve been riding home, having a snack and filling my bottles then doing the 60-90 min workouts on the turbo and have felt alright/not failed any sessions (2-3x per week, sometimes I do my workout and then commute, depends on my shifts).

I was in 2 minds between “it’s only low mileage & low intensity who cares” and also “I don’t want to ruin myself so I’ll add them in”.

I’ve also added in my potential chain gang & club rides so same question goes for them too. On maybe 1-2 days I swap a workout for a chaingang session or similar. Gym work is also added into my plan with a rough TSS estimate (2x per week, 30-60 mins)

I don’t want to just add everything and get obsessed, I.E I wouldn’t stress about taking the dog on a hike or whatever.


IMO you don’t even need to add the extra ones in. Just record them with a garmin or whatever, and they upload and TR will see them and they get accounted for in the overall AIFTP calculation.

When adding extra volume, AT will not adjust the other workouts with the exception being it will account for your difficulty response. If you start failing them because of your outside workouts TR will start making them easier.

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Ah okay yeah I get you. I have already added the commutes and gym workouts in and reoccurred them so I guess at least I get an idea for upcoming TSS or whatever. Thanks.

My opinion - Weight workouts are a different type of TSS, even legs. If you want them on the schedule for planning that’s fine, but I personally delete the heart rate / tss / calories I get from tracking.

That doesn’t mean I’m not careful about scheduling them though. I’m in a block now where there’s zero lifting legs, and take it easy on the other stuff, just too much stress for the 3-4 week block that I’m in. Other times you still have to make sure you’re getting enough rest.

AIFTP still implicitly takes them into account because they become part of your overall base training load. Think of it this way - it’s not like you’re trying to account for your TSS for walking the dog, walking to the car, walking around the house or office, etc. etc. But overdo any of it, start failing TR workouts, TR makes those easier.

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Okay sure I get that. I guess it keeps me accountable rather than thinking there’s 0 load associated with a gym session and going OTT however like you say I don’t need nor want to log everything.

Only asking due to me putting in my commutes and gym sessions this week and TSS being 800 but like k say some of that is easy commutes, some 1hr turbo sessions, 30-45 mins s&c and then the group rides. But everyone’s different.

I eat a lot :sweat_smile: 30 years old and obviously pushing myself to get fit. Caught between the fear of not doing enough and doing too much but I think it’s quite easy to undertrain when looking at all the data that might not even be super accurate.

I talked with support about this. They recommended I add workouts which reflect the intent of my commutes (for me endurance zone) and match tss and time. At first I just chose a workout, but then I made my own custom workouts.

I have options on my commutes, so I have those set up. I add them to my calendar based on my intent for the training block so that I can manage my periodization for the training block. If something changes (I add or skip a commute or do an extra group ride) I account for it with workout alternatives to try as hard as possible to keep my intended tss for the week. I have found that if I add too much weekly tss I blow up in the week that follows.

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