Additional workouts added to a plan...will they adapt?

Just started week 1 of Base 1 (6 week) phase of LV. I have gone ahead and added all the endurance rides to the calendar not included the plan that I would like to do for this first block. Will these added future workouts adapt or will just the ones consider in the plan adapt?

Manually added workouts (external to a TR plan) will NOT get updates from AT. They are independent and unconnected from the training plan on your calendar so AT ignores them from adaptations.

They WILL be included in AIFTPD tracking, and may impact increases to your PL if the manually added workouts exceed your current PL in that zone.

Perfect @mcneese.chad ! I was hoping added TR workouts planned ahead might adapt, but I’ll just update them myself as I go :slight_smile:

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The “hack” you can consider is looking at the presented Difficulty Level (Achievable, Productive, etc.) and what you are hoping to have from the manually added workout. You can use the Alternates option to kick up or down from that existing workout relatively easily.

That way you can plan ahead, but adapt right at the time you want to run the workout if you want. Or you can just find another workout in the library and insert/delete as needed.

Would be nice if AT covered these, but considering that most of these use cases are centered around Endurance rides, there is a pretty wide berth to work between here.


@mcneese.chad is right on the money, and presented a great option if you prefer to have the endurance rides scheduled, and then make adjustments from there. It looks like that’s what you’ve done with your calendar a ways out, which is a great plan!

Another strategy that I’ve seen athletes do is add an Annotation as a placeholder for an ‘Endurance Workout’, and then use TrainNow to select the recommended Endurance workout day-of.
TrainNow uses Adaptive Training to intelligently drive its recommended workouts, and will offer a Productive or Achievable endurance workout based upon that work you’ve done recently. You only need to select the duration you want!
This is a great option if you don’t mind if the endurance workouts aren’t scheduled in advance (like they are now).

Making it easier to add an extra day of endurance into your plan rather than manually after the fact is an update we’re planning on making, and I’ll be sure to provide updates as soon as they’re available.

Let me know if you have questions as you go! Here to help. :slight_smile:


Thanks @mcneese.chad and @IvyAudrain ! I appreciate the comments and speedy responses.

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I thought for sure a response would include “It’s part of our WL V2 development. That’s a top priority for us, but we’re not ready to talk about when it might be available. But it will be awesome!” :wink:

edit: I do like the advice on adding Z2 workouts as notations and then leveraging the AT capabilities within TrainNow as a workaround. Thanks for that idea.