Power Match laggy today?

Anyone feel like Power Match is slower to react today than usual? Averages were still on target but it felt like it wasn’t as “tight” as it usually is.

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What exact TR device and app version are you using?

Any device or environment changes on your side that could be variables?

Last night, I felt like this was the case for my workout but I thought it was just the fact that it was a VO2max workout and I wasn’t keeping my cadence super steady.

I didn’t give it a second thought until you posted here… maybe it was an update somewhere? I didn’t change anything on my side.

That’s why I asked the questions I did. This may be best sent to support@trainerroad.com so they can take a look at logs and such to see what is really happening.

TR on PC, latest update. Nothing changed on my end, Garmin Vector 3S pedal being controlled by a 2018 Kickr.

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