LT1 test and training

Hi, I’m a runner (actually orienteer) and I’m getting into cycling training to do more volume because I get injured quite a lot while running.
I’m 170cm for about 58kg
I recently got a power meter (4iiii single side), I’ve only ridden on my basic turbo trainer (elite novo force) and I’m planning to do so for the rest on the winter.
Despite worn out pedals, too big and really basic shoes (the biomechanic suggested to replace both) unstable turbo and me being out of shape I feel like my power numbers under a minute are really good, compared to what I can hold for longer durations.
With casual efforts I did
930w for 3s
822w for 10s
624w for 40s
I haven’t done longer steady efforts but over 200w I get really fatigued and definitely feel like I’m over threshold and I couldn’t hold it for an hour.
I figured I’ll have to work on my LT1, also because that’s the type of training that would benefit my running the most, so today I did a lactate test to see the watts I should hold for LT1 and Z2 training.
I did 6x20’ and measured with lactate pro 2
-120w 116hr 93rpm 1.2mmol/L
-130w 121hr 88rpm 1.3mmol/L
-140w 126hr 86rmp 1.6mmol/L
-150w 135hr 92rpm 2.0mmol/L
-160w 139hr 87rpm 1.4mmol/L
-170w 145hr 92rpm 2.2mmol/L

The 160w measure seems strange… What could be my target watts for LT1? And for mid Z2?
I’ve heard many use the talk test to determine VT1 that should be near LT1 but I think that it is affected a lot by cadence, I usually ride at about 95rpm but for the test I had to keep whatever matched my gears better for that wattage, so that would have a big influence on the result.

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I think this is actually the more relevant thread Lactate Testing - Data and Results

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Welcome @Pietro_Palumbo and I agree, this thread ^^^ is best for your questions.

FWIW to my untrained eye, it looks like 140W is your LT1.

yes, this looks odd. False readings due to contamination usually lead to higher values. Especially with the lactate pro 2 (I have one as well).