Low Volume, group rides, endurance

Hello there!

I’ve just recovered from a long term injury, and I’m good to go 100%. Pre injury, I was a cat2 uk, 4.5 w/kg, typically using mid volume plans.

I’m thinking of dropping down to low volume, but swapping one of the mid week rides for a very hard chain gang (1.5 hours), and adding strength training 2 x per week. I’ve been strength training a lot in the interim so I am well adapted to squats, deads etc. So

Mon - rest
Tue - TR low vol 90 min Saturday
Wed- ST/gym 1hr
Thur- TR low vol Tuesday/Thursday workout
Fri - Rest
Sat - Group ride (race intensity)
Sun- ST/gym 1hr

The Thursday workout will depend on which phase (base, build etc) I am doing, I will select the appropriate Tuesday/Thursday to compliment the 90 min workout. (eg not 2x threshold, 1 xvo2 and 1 x threshold.)

I also read somewhere (or on podcast?) that doing a long 3hrs + endurance ride once a month keeps that energy system topped up. As such, every 3rd week I will swap the group ride out for a long z2 one.

Your opinions on this would be good! I think it strikes a nice balance of variety, strength training (which I now love), and recovery. I really don’t think this is particularly inferior to my old approach of just doing mid volume.

Thoughts, advice etc would be well received!

Thanks all!

I can’t see much wrong with that plan. During the weeks in I’ve been substituting occasionally a mid week workout for a chain gang or TT. Lol, the chaingang (pace line for our non UK brethren) started off a higher intensity ride for me but as the weeks have went on its become more and more comfortable which is hopefully a sign of what I’m doing is right.