Low volume build + zone 2 as polarized training


I’m trying to mix things up for the winter and try a more polarized approach. At the moment I’m a couple of weeks into general build low volume and am topping it up with zone 2 rides inside and out, hoping to maintain an extra 6 hours per week of endurance work.

Hoped to hear if others have done similar and how it has worked out.

Cheers, Tom

Yes, adding zone 2 intensity to your training plan is quite common and a good use of your time, if you have it.

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I’ve done this before and it worked well. It’s a simple solution that I think many overlook. There is lots of discussion about polarized and modifying MV. This approach is simple, limits “hard rides” to three days a week. And you can add as much zone 2 as you have time for. Just don’t forget one or two rest days.

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