Low Heart Rate Strength Program


I have had heart surgery at the start of the year so can train but have to stick to a HR cap i.e. 85% of max HR
I have good aerobic fitness having just completed an Ironman triathlon but am now wanting to build/rebuild my strength as I have lost alot over the year. is there a suggested plan for this type of training?


I’ve no real advice on workouts as it was pre TR days but after my major stomach op in 2019 I limited my self to about 80% and in the longer term up the limit to 90%. My approach was to carry on with the Workouts I had but after a 50w reduction in FTP. It seems to have made me a more sustainable and faster TTer. Although I’m not quite pushing into the hurt locker now :joy: Good Luck :+1:

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I don’t know if this helps but I train with a bar bell - all the main compound exercises plus some accessory work. I record using a Garmin watch because it easily shows me the rest time between sets. I have never gone over 66% max HR. As a caveat, I don’t lift as heavy as I used to.

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Being that you had heart surgery, first thing I do would be to have this discussion with your doctor.

But, if you are talking strength workouts as opposed to on-bike, to build strength (as opposed to size) you’d probably be targeting 5-6 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest between sets. Even if you go up to 10 reps and aren’t going to failure, that should keep your heart rate down.

Another good place to start:

Thanks for the reply
Have already had the discussion with the cardiologist, that’s where I got the HR cap figure from and just completed an Ironman sticking to those guidelines for racing and training

To clarify, I meant on bike training