Love my local bike shop (LBS)

Last night I cleaned my bike, and long story short the cassette fell off and I didn’t realize the freehub spring had fallen out. But my honey-do list was too long to diagnose the problem last night.

This morning around 11am I had a 15 minute break and tried to figure out what was going on. Too pre-occupied at work to make any progress.

After lunch I drove 20 minutes to the really good bike shop, a Specialized shop (Kinetic Cycles), while on a call.

10 minutes later they fixed it and only charged me $3.66 for a new DT Swiss Ratchet EXP spring. Yes, no charge for diagnosing and installing. Apologies to however had the 3T RaceMax being worked on. These guys are the best!

So happy I bought a new pair of gloves, aero socks, and my first pair of white shoes.

^^^ got home and found the spring on the driveway.

Anybody else love their local bike shop?


I drive 90 minutes to to give my business to the shop that’s earned it(the 3 local shops are a crap shoot of supply and service).


Ya, I drive right past the 2 that are 5 minutes away.


The first time I used my lbs when I moved to the area when I came to collect my bike I found it was missing! Lol, the owner/mechanic had took it out for a test ride to make sure it was shifting correctly under load and not just in the stand :joy:

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Bring ‘em a 6er next time you stop by. It’s a nice way of saying thank you and will get you remembered!

Love hearing stories like this. They knew they could charge you a diagnostic and install fee but they also knew this was a cheap and easy way of getting your business long term. It’s a small community, these are the gestures that get you talking!

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Will you return for them to clean those white shoes? Lol

I figured you just throw them out after the first ride?

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I’ve cleaned white tennis shoes, it can’t be that hard, right?

I’m a little enthusiastic because it’s only the second pair of road shoes ever purchased. The last ones were bought in 2016.

I actually am in the same boat. I recently bought a pair of northwave extreme XC shoes in white. They are speckled tho so I get off easy on the maintenance.

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Do you have tall white socks to match? I think that’s the rule :thinking:

Yikes, calling my mom to see if she still has some of my Champion white basketball socks from the 70s…

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