First indulgence of the new year

My trainer bike chain needs cleaning/lubing. I hate cleaning my chain and it’s really miserable when it’s cold out (don’t want to stink up the house with solvent). So I bought a new one ($16, it’s a 10-speed chain). Maybe I’ll clean the old one when it gets warmer. Maybe.

Already ordered an extra Garmin out front mount that works with my 1040 + UT800 light. And ordered a box of energy bars

2023 is starting well :slight_smile:

(haven’t been on the bike yet, though)

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Took my bike off the f$#^ing trainer for the first time in months. Put air in the tires. Rode about 40 miles with friends outside.

Not staring at the blue blocks of doom? That’s an indulgence!


Have a set of DT Swiss CR 1600s and Vittoria Corsa N.Ext’s in 32c on the way to slap on my gravel bike for some outdoor winter road miles. Will keep my stock gravel wheels set up with 40s. Will also allow me to bring one bike and ride gravel and road when I go up the cottage in the summer as well.

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Is that even allowed?

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I bought three things and used $2k of my annual stay fit funds provided by my soon to be former employer. Use it or lose it!

HED Emporia GC Performace gravel wheels
A set of Onyx hubs for my MTB
Gore Shakedry jacket because they aren’t going to make them anymore.

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