Looking for a bike shop in San Francisco

I’m looking for a bicycle shop in San Francisco that I can trust. I’m a bicycle commuter in the city (e-bikes) and would like to explore a mid level road/gravel bike for fun and training. I still have a lot to learn… Thanks!


Village Peddler in Larkspur is excellent. And focus on E-bikes.

Thanks! Actually I’m looking for a “real” bike!

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Cool, they have a ton of regular flavors too; Scott, BMC, Big S, Bianchi etc.

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Roaring mouse is a great one and sports basement has some great brands but their staff is hit and miss on being knowledgeable (used to be better).
Nomad is a good one but real basic selection, you gotta check out American cyclery, that place is a classic and if you are looking for a basic road bike just to get started they can get you the right one.


Unless, of course, you are exceedingly wealthy…then head over to AC in Sausalito and buy a Baum for the rest of us to admire.

What’s your budget? Not in SF proper, but find the closest Mike’s Bike

My budget is fluid since I’m spouse free :grinning: Around 5K though I’m fine to go a little over or under. I had a really good conversation at Huckleberry bikes in the City and they’re building a Cannondale Synapse https://www.cannondale.com/en-us/bikes/road/endurance/synapse-carbon/synapse-carbon-2-rle for me to try in my size. I know the lights/radar are super controversial but I’m a full time urban cyclist (no car) so I’m very accustomed to running lights during the day and don’t plan to ride this bike in the dark (front light is anemic). I am mostly limited to shops in the city or on public transit lines in the Bay Area. I want to go for longer rides and I’m in my 50’s so I don’t want something out of my potential range of motion. I will also need to pick up a bicycling computer likely a Garmin since I think its compatible with the bike itself. Although riding a bicycle is an integral part of my life (especially in the last few years) I’m actually a total nube to road riding and rode bikes…

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