Love my Data Analysis Tools

I am a closest data nerd. I can’t get enough analysis on my Power Meter data. Some of my favorite things are:

  • to look at off of Strava for my 5, 60, 300, 1200 second trends in power.
  • examining my power curve.
  • definitely fitness and freshness

I can’t seem to get enough data evaluation tools (free preferred :~)

I am curious. What data analysis tools do you use to motivate yourself? Free or paid are okay. But if paid, why do you feel they are worth it? Also, how do you use it to make you faster?

My Windsock
Garmin Training Centre
Golden Cheetah
Excel/open office calc

Are the packages I tend to use :joy:

After using all the major analysis tools/sites I evaluated and paid for WKO5. There is a whole thread on it, if you are interested.

6 Likes it simply doesn’t get any better. :v:t2:

8 Likes for simplicity and clarity and WKO5 because it is full of fun data to analyze.


I download the workout data from all rides during a period from training peaks as csv.
Then I have a custom R script that reads the data and writes out a HTML showing plots of TSS, time, notes etc.

TrainerRoad does most of it but it sucks with note summaries over many workouts (per discipline run/bike/…) and does not allow display of subjective metrics (fatigue, motivation, … ) which you can track with TP and that is actually really good

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I downloaded a trial…lots of data…I like. I have no idea how to interpret it or more importantly how to improve from it! …lol

You wanted data! Six months of watching WKO webinars, some personalization and customization, and you’ll answer that last question.


Watch all the vids, read all the articles, then have a play with some of your own data, then watch more vides, read more articles.

If geeking out on data is your thing, WKO5 is where it’s at.

GoldenCheetah is great too… but not quite as polished or intuitive (which is typical of Open Source software).

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Xert & are the ones I use most.
Xert primarily for keeping track of their equivalent of CTL as it addresses in a great part the comment “all TSS is not created equal”. Their on bike Garmin IQ fields are brilliant as well. for general detailed analysis of the ride including HR decoupling (excellent) and time in Zone for both Power & HR
TrainerRoad I generally use for the turbo workouts as it just works with no fuss or messing around, although the the latest Xert Ios workout player is just about as good now.


+1 to WKO5–endless learning opportunities

which one make you fast and stronger, I will using it …

I spent a couple hours on it last night…looks cool. Thanks for the tip!

I wish I knew, but looking at the numbers on my laptop afterwards takes me almost as long as I spend riding. :grinning: Drives my wife crazy but I’m retired so I’ve nothing better to do… except play GTSport on my new playstation.