Losing Weight, need to eat more - Eating 3 meals vs 4-5

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I started structured training 3 years ago. When I first started my weight was about 190 pounds - I am 5’10. the First year lost a bit of weight, not much. The Second lost a ton, about 30 to 35 pounds. Then last year lost about just 7 pounds. Stayed for most of 2018 around 140. - 142 Pounds.
Between exercise, eating healthy and no alcohol made the trick. Don’t eat processed foods, and things like that. for the most part organic and tons of vegetables.

The Problem:

Around November 2018, just couple months ago started with upset stomach, long story short I was overdoing my fiber intake. I was doing about 60 mg of fiber daily. Did it for at least 6 months.

My Approach, eat less fiber dense foods. So that made the trick. my stomach is more happy now. But by doing that I essentially reduced my calorie intake which lead to lose about 3 more pounds.

Now I am really worry, don’t want to lose more weight. Despite the fact that lost 3 additional pounds I feel I have the motivation, energy and health to do my workouts. Granted, these last two months been doing just strength training and a bit of workouts on the bike. No HIGH intensity intervals.


So I need to eat more right, not so easy. Eating 3 meals in a day its a problem for me now. Can’t eat enough calories per meal. So my approach its to eat more than 3 meals. However read tons of information about eating 3 vs 4-5 meals a day. Some studies say that eating 4-5 it;s OK but others says that could led to eventually many years from now to insulin resistance. That is because your metabolism is constantly working a result of eating or snacking constantly throughout the day

what are your thoughts around eating 4-5 times a day for a prolonged period of time

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No scientific background around the insulin resistance - but I eat all day every day.

On a day like today where I need to consume around 4,000 calories the only viable way for me to get that all down is to spread it out.

I will have breakfast around 6:45, greek yogurt at 9:45, avocado at 11, lunch at 12:15, apple at 1, greek yogurt at 2, pear at 4, ride at 6, dinner at 8


If eating 4-5 times a day would make you insuline resistant then every bodybuilder and strongman in history would be a diabetic. They eat 8 times a day at the least. Just see what works for you and you shouldn’t worry to much about the long run cause our sport makes us healthier then some bad eating habits that come with it make us unhealthy. Eat as much as you need to keep you weight and feel good.

ps. Some simple sugars make it easier to eat enough. Not everything you eat has to be organic unprocessed superfood :wink:. Also fatty dried sausage is a lovely snack that is high in calories and low in sugar so no insuline.

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Find a few recipes for some high calorie shakes you can make and drink 1-2 a day.

For example:

2 cups whole milk
4 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop whey protein
1 banana

This is about 800 calories that you can drink in under 10 seconds.

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why don’t you go and see a proper doctor and/or nutritionist?

I worked with a nutritionist and what he recommended for insulin resistance was doing my best to stop eating at 8pm and not eating till 10am. At 10am I would start with protein and fatty foods. Yogurt/whey/epic jerky.
I eat 2 snacks in the am, lunch, afternoon snack, and about two meals for dinner.

I try to only eat carbs 3 hours before a workout and right after.

I train at night so for the most part it’s easy to avoid carbs in the early morning.

I also realized I was eating too much fiber. But once I cut oatmeal out I started feeling better. Wasn’t worried about fiber from fruit and veggies.

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Whoops this thread is old. Would love to hear an update…

Just because they do doesn’t mean it’s metabolically healthy. I’d love to be able to do time restricted feeding if it wasn’t for all the bike training.

You can put on your weight very soon by :

Eat a larger number of calories than your body consumes.
Eat more meals. Little meals are simpler to eat than enormous ones.
Pick supplement rich foods.
Attempt smoothies and shakes.
Eat more protein.

Hello @ecloaiza
It would be great if you could eat more than 3 meals per day or eat 3 meals but bigger ones. I think it is easier to eat more meals but not that big as it should be if you would want to eat 3 meals per day.

Anyway. You can still eat 3 meals per day but you can add 2 more meals as smoothies… ? What do you think about it? I have some recipes for nutritious smoothies. I can share it with you. :blush::wink:

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