Losing Resistance as Turbo Warms Up

I’ve noticed that, as my workouts progress, I feel as though the resistance decreases somewhat on my turbo (Elite Turno Smart B+). Likewise, my HR drops for a given effort. I did an over under session the other day and found I could hold a way higher power than suggested on the last 2 efforts. Should I just ride off of feel and make myself hurt, whatever power numbers appear? Don’t want to lose the training stimulus towards the end of the session. I did Palisade and actually felt pretty fresh after it, not sure that’s supposed to happen!

Funny that you made this thread today as I was just searching for any reference to the Turno. I have the same trainer myself and have noticed a significant change in resistance as it heats up. Way more than what I was accustomed to with my previous Turbo Muin.

I’d assume that you use virtual power since you describe intervals getting easier as the unit heats up? I think it’s quite clear that you should strive for equal stress on each working set, however, how to do so on feel alone is a good question.

Unfortunately I do not have an answer for you, just wanted to confirm that the change in resistance you experience is very much real

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How are you measuring power?

Power should be power regardless of the resistance

I have an Elite Volano and experience the same: when the unit warms up, the fluid becomes less viscous and I need to up my cadence a tad to keep the power constant. I do have a real power meter, though, so I do not use Elite’s fly wheel sensor.

If you rely on power, I’d just train on power and not overthink it. In the long run, I’d just get a proper power meter, though.

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I’m using elite volano with misuro b+ as power source, and also experiencing same thing. On longer training session, I have to add about 1~3rpm to keep same power on certain gearing.

I might be wrong but maybe that means elite volano DOES lose resistance slightly and elite know that, so power modeling function of Misuro B+ might include time or temperature as function inputs. Your power meter maybe confirmed such phenomenon.

I use the misuro b+ unit to measure power. It definitely seems like my power is higher towards the end of longer sessions. I was looking back at HR data and there’s a pretty obvious drop. I started Palisade at around 168-175bpm, with the final set at 155-163. Guess I just need to ignore the numbers and go old school

That’s an interesting question: I don’t have Elite’s sensor installed, so I can’t say for sure. But I reckon that’s an obvious one, they need to correct the power curve for temperature, for otherwise you get quite a bit of power drift at high wattage.

Don’t do that! Feel << virtual power << proper power. Unless it is a long, sustained effort, I don’t think you’ll pace things like over-unders well by feel. Going a little over and a little under is what it is all about.

It’s essentially virtual power

All my smart direct drive trainers have done this. The Kickr V1, and the Saris H3. Using a separate power meter, the start of the session is always way below the power the external power meter reads. As the trainer warms up, the power readings converge. The Kickr V1 would then diverge later in the session, but Saris seems to hold mostly.

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