Virtual power with cycleops fluid 2

Hey just a warning for anyone looking to use virtual power and the fluid 2, there is a big temperature drift in resistance as you go along regardless. Been using for a few months and have been semi going off hr/rpe mostly by now until the resistance kicks in after it heats up.

That is interesting. I have the fluid 2 as well and used virtual power for a few months before I got a power meter (stages) and never had any issues with resistance drift. When I switched from virtual power on the fluid 2 to the stages my FTP tests were within 5w of one another. I might just be your unit.

In a related topic a couple weeks ago, I was bored and went deep into the rabbit hole of the Fluid 2 after someone reported a similar thing: turns out, it’s pretty well established that that trainer does get harder as it warms up, and also that it’s often a very dramatic difference 10-20 minutes in. I was pretty surprised, but I read a lot that agreed with that.

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