Relationship between speed and power


I train with TR from 2017. I always used virtual power on my elite qubo fluid (with speed and cadence sensors).
One week ago I bought a power meter (giant power pro) to improve my trains.
When I did the 20’ FTP test (and other exercises) I noticed that to keep power stable, I must increase speed minute by minute.
Here the graphic:
image004 image002

I know that now is important power instead speed, but is a strange behaviour.
Has anyone noticed it?
I hope for a problem of warm fluid in my home trainer, because if the problem is power meter I waste my money. :tired_face:

Have a good rides!

Hi, this is common for fluid trainers.
As the fluid warms, the resistance changes.
My cycleops fluid2 have the opposite behaviour: the resistance goes up (a lot) after it is warmed up.
The resistance also keeps changing with efforts. On long intervals I can clearly see my speed/cadence going down because the resistance is going up. It’s a little annoying because sometimes I have to change gears in the middle of interval.


Thank you!
Now I’m relaxed. :nerd_face: