Losing connection to ERG multiple times during ride (wahoo kickr v5, ANT)

Hi All

I am experiencing some connection issues a few times during each of my rides (on my computer). I use a Kickr version 5 with ANT+, and a HR (polar h10) with traineroad. That`s the only things i have connected. I have made sure to close all other apps on my computer which could interfere with the connection.

Its not a huge issue, but its quite annoying as it breaks my rhythm. For example, sometimes when doing an interval at lets say 300w the connections disappear and i have to produce 400-500w for 10-20 seconds before the connection is back. Its terrible! Other times, the resistance disappears completely (to almost zero watts) before it get`s back after 10-20 seconds.

What could the issue be??

Really need some help here!

Appreciate any thoughts.

All the best Malte

This article may be worth a look.

Otherwise, it’s best to email support@trainerroad.com directly for issues like this.

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From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
Have a question about the app, your training plan, or device? Reach out to support@trainerroad.com instead of posting here. Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your devices, workouts and adaptations, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

We definitely want to foster discussion on the forum, but the many threads like this are creating some clutter, ultimately need to be directed to support, and can make it hard for athletes to search for and find the topic/bug/discussion their looking for, so I’ll close this one up. The support team will gladly help you out! :slight_smile: