Randomly losing Power connection

Using a Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer with ANT+connection to Windows 10 Surface. Kickr pairs instantly. I have strong wifi connection. half way through workout usually in middle of interval at 80+% of FTP, Power connection randomly losses connection. My Bluetooth cadence and heart rate monitor never lose connection. Happens every ride. Picture shows when it happened today in the 2nd interval. Any advice how to resolve?

Please submit this to directly to support@trainerroad.com (if you haven’t already).

Several of us have reported similar issues on the desktop app, and more examples for them to review may lead to a solution.

I just sent an email to support this morning about this. I’m using an H3 with Windows and Ant+ Dongle. I had to re-connect 2-3 times during my ride this past Sunday, however it did not happen this morning.

I would just click cancel and then connect and it would re-connect, but a bit of nuisance.

As you experienced, all other devices (Cadence, HRM, Powertap P1 pedals) stayed connected except for H3.