Losing 145 Pounds Through Cycling with Jesse Fortson – Successful Athletes Podcast 011

Jesse Fortson joins the podcast to discuss his weight loss journey of losing 145 pounds, going from 345 to 200 pounds, including Jesse’s insights to eating healthier and cutting calories, why a high carb diet works for him, how Jesse stays motivated to train and more in this episode 11 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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Thanks Jesse, Jonathon and Tucker for sharing this story. Congratulations, Jesse on the weight loss, this is far more inspiring than seeing who is the fastest ‘stick insect’ pro at everesting. With obesity prevalent in the wider community it is a shame the story doesn’t go out to the wider population to show that being overweight is not the finality that needs to be accepted. Well done Trainer Road.


Kudos to the crew (and to Jesse in particular) for preparing; sharing; and inspiring me - and countless others - with this episode :hugs:

So far, I’ve listened to it not once; not twice; but three times with relish and don’t doubt I’ll listen to it again.

As I write this, I’m readying myself to do a Ramp Test and thought it couldn’t hurt to listen to another person’s words of trial and tribulations as a means of motivation. No matter the result of my ramp test, and I know it is to be what it is at any given point in time, I know that I’ve gained another measure of clarity from this story as to why I’m doing what I’m doing: to become a faster cyclist; to be a better person to myself and family; and to chisel away at the self-loathing that occasionally finds it’s way into my thoughts and beliefs.

Onward and upward I go! :muscle:

Thank you!


Well done, Jesse! And Go Dawgs!

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Awesome! Just reading your comment fires me up. You’ve got this!


Thanks and Go Dawgs!

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