Looking Like I Will Not Be Racing This Year

So, our local cross series was officially cancelled this week, which is what I have been training for…call it an “A” series I suppose. I’ll likely find somewhere in the midwest to travel to to at least get a race or two in and use the fitness I’ve built up…even if it is a TT or something (which I have zero experience in haha…but figure this might be an easier find, and safer.).

Training wise…I’m finishing up the first half of short power build, MV. I also do at least a couple extra hours of endurance/group rides per week.

If in my shoes…would you pull the plug on short power, and go back to base? Finish up the 8 week plan, then go back to base? Give up on cycling and start homebrewing again?

I need help :cry:

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First of all I’d hug you - not matter about COVID. Then I’ll recommend you to do something completely nuts just to destroy yourself in a good way. 24h Zwift ride? Everesting? Knight of Sufferlandria? Ride the whole day outdoor? Ultra endurance prefered.

After that keep on with base, build, base, build, base, build… :smiley:


I would carry on through the plan looking to see if any gains can be made, as if you find some they will stand you in good steed when normal training resumes.
You could also spend this time working on any weakness or go have some fun social rides.

Move to Florida.
Everything is business as usual here.
They had 3.2k new cases, 42 deaths and 171 hospitalizations yesterday. But WHO CARES!

The Clermont, FL sprint series starts next week (June 27) and the second race is on July 24.
The local running shop start their series on time on July 4.

Everything is open, not even temperature testing on the gym!

We are #1!



No! Keep training, or lose a year of adaptations…

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Actually in all seriousness…I’ve contemplated just running a scaled down, informal, socially distanced CX series using cones in a big park. Give out six packs of beer or t shirts to category winners. Run heats of 6 or something in 15 minute races. I have a feeling if I got motivated enough to do it, and committed to every sunday for a month or two, I’d get a ton of interest…


Give up on cycling and start homebrewing again?


I am also going to look for some TT events since I figure they’re the only races that might go on. My local endurance MTB event in July was just canceled and I’m sure the others are not far behind. I’m actually OK with staying home and training because I have lots of solo MTB/gravel available to me, but I found a TT bike in the classifieds and I’m eager to put it to use.

Not sure where you are. I know Indiana has CX races scheduled for August (Indianapolis area). MTB and off-road triathlon races are a go here as well.

I’m in Chicago. Wisconsin has a cx series also sort of across the madison/milwaukee area. Seems in question whther it will take place or not though.

Either way…I’m not traveling for a full 10+ race series…I’d only take part in a few weekends if I go out of state.

I just saw (even though it was posted in May) that my favorite 2 day CX race is cancelled for 2020 (would have been in November). Still hoping we get something but I may have to remain content to just work out for the sake of working out and maybe give myself more leeway to go out and go off script with the TR stuff with just long endurance fun rides

I know WORS sent a delegation down to our MTB race to see how it went (very well, BTW) so they could bring that knowledge back to their races and get them going again.

No idea on road stuff.

That’s yesterday. Lots of my friends have their home distillery going. It seems there’s lots of hard liquor being consumed.

Ok. Guess I’ll have to get way out ahead of the curve then, and start making hard kefir or something.

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I am with you, sick of living in fear.

We are racing in SLC, Utah! It started back up a couple weeks ago.


I am fairly confident he was being sarcastic :face_with_monocle:


My “A” race just canceled last week … it was scheduled for August 1st in Michigan (I’m in Chicago as well) and I was holding out hope that it could/would happen.

I’m monitoring WORS and might do a race in that series if it makes sense.

As far as training goes, I just removed my VO2 work and am back to Sweet Spot and Endurance work until I find another event to focus on. I did the same thing when my April races canceled, and I’ve still been progressing well.

Mentally, I more-or-less tell myself to get on the bike to stay in shape vs. having the focus on training. Basically I’m changing the focus in my brain from getting faster to just staying in overall “life” shape. It seems to work.

I feel for you … it’s all super disappointing, but probably the smart thing for now. Chicago has really lowered its overall infections, infection rate, hospitalizations and death rate. All good things.


Base, build, repeat. :grimacing:

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great idea. Sometimes I think CX after the first couple laps is just a skill TT anyhow. Maybe we should just go all the way and do a staggered start CX TT.

As far as I know trek and jingle are still on. There’s a club out of Rockford that usually runs some spring races (cancelled for covid as it was just emerging)… I thought about contacting them to see if they were looking into a fall set instead, although it’s probably a big ask. I strongly suspect Wisconsin will go ahead… WI dgaf.

Edit: and cx nats are in town… If they go :crossed_fingers: