1st race is 6 weeks out! Yikes!

I moved to Phoenix, AZ from Denver in July when racing was over here. Took a few weeks easy/off the bike and started training again to be ready for racing early. Just realized that my first race is on the 19th next month (Jan 2020). Yikes!

I’m midway through low volume build and it’s going pretty well. The kilo’s end of my watts/kilo isn’t where I’d like it to be but there’s plenty of time to clean up the diet and lean out gradually. Would like to hit race weight by early Feb as my season A goal is mid-feb. I don’t have much more than a 3-5lbs to lose.

Off we go!

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I enjoyed reading your blog posts.

I’m also halfway through build, finishing up week 5 of Short Power, and also have my first event on Jan 19, a local crit. My A-race isn’t until July, so I’m going back to SSB end of the month.

Good luck with your season.

Where in the world are you?


Did my first race of the year today here in AZ. It went ok. I blogged about it here: https://cat1-to-cat4.blogspot.com/2020/01/new-home-state-new-team-first-race-of.html.

Hope you’re all well!


I raced with WMRC last year. Brian Lemke is just a super gentleman and the people who run the club behind the scenes are also great people. You picked a good group.

Brian really is a great guy. He came up to me on the last lap and offered to lead me out. And it was my first race with him as a team mate.

I’ve been seeing this team for years. Cool to be a part of it now.

Raced again this past Sunday. Brian and I ended up on team mate duty as we had a guy get in the break on the FIRST LAP and lap the field.

Blogged about it here: https://cat1-to-cat4.blogspot.com/2020/01/race-number-2-same-venue-completely.html