Looking for Frontwheel-Stand


I am looking for a frontwheel-stand for indoor-training.
Something like the Omnium Trainer - but really just the frontwheel-stand.

Does anyone know something like it?

Thanks in advance!

The only ones I’ve seen for sale are ones intended to be added to rollers.


I’ve seen a few users add bases to those or attach them to rocker plates for use without the intended rollers.

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Ever find a product like this?

You generally don’t want both the front and back of your bike clamped down because the bike frame flexes quite a bit. Also, keep in mind that your bike’s fork is at an angle and the dropouts are offset, so if you turn the bars, you’ll have leverage to fall over.

The cheapest method would be to drill a few holes in a car jack stand.
These guys have one E-Motion Rollers smart trainer, and E-FLEX rocker plate alternative for Wahoo — Inside Ride
You can make one with these - https://amzn.to/3chYqTP (drill larger holes than you need, put a nylon or delrin washer above and below it for the flex)